Why getting shadow banned on Zuckerberg owned media is destroying lives and not only a matter of becoming a pariah on social media. Which is bad enough too.

I still don’t want to delete the account, because first, it’s years of my life and history, pictures, videos, documented, friendships, many things…And then: no one will make me disappear and shut up with pressure and force. Especially not them.

My career as an artist had started 2010, with one single tweet I made on Twitter and it has opened the world to me. Things like that were possible back than. Until 2014, I could post my art on social media and clients would reach out to me. I was living from my artwork.
Since the algorithm started hitting, it got more difficult but it still worked. I could work and promote on social media. That’s what social media are for. Now social media like FB and IG are hijacked by tyranny.
Ever since 2020 we live in mind control land. We cannot express our mind, unless it’s some agenda they are endorsing. Unless it’s a perverted one way street of opinions.

I was always straight forward and outspoken, but like many others, I spoke up even more against the senseless rules, that were implemented upon the fake pandemic and it’s “cure”. Than fake presidency started…. The “fact checking” started and the punishments for free thinking started. Suddenly I went from 100 to zero in visibility. I became a pariah on Instagram and Facebook.

And I didn’t even post my opinion on Instagram, just my art work. But I got shadow banned there too, because INSTAGRAM belongs to FB. Have I been successful with every fields of my work before, now I was no one and nobody and invisible suddenly. People who were loving and following my work unfollowed and ignored me, because I was not wearing a mask and I did not get the jab. Even my work has nothing to do with jabs or politics. Suddenly I was persona non grata everywhere. Facebook, you indeed did a great job on polarization, division, out casting and disinformation. You are on the wrong side of history.
I know so many of us are experiencing the same.

I know social media is meant to connect but now its doing the opposite of it. Its a tool of division and isolation.
I decided to stay and wait until these unethical criminals who are trying to destroy everyone, who is not in accordance with their dogma, are gone, taken out and put to court.

We deserve reparation payments for our destroyed lives, data and material being stolen and destroyed. For making us isolated and unheard. For all the tears and fears and the separations and break ups and the lost income. The day will come. This tyranny will end.

#mediacritique #facebook #Zuckerberg



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